• Jonathon Hamilton Potter

Healthy Fats?

Updated: Jun 25, 2018

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I'm sure you've all of heard people try to rationalise their high fat snack by saying it's healthy fats?... 

Prime example: snacking on a bag of nuts and disregarding the calories because nuts are "healthy".

Firstly, we arent saying fats are bad, infact fats are essential to our diets...but too much of a good thing can quickly become a negative.

Just because a food has been labelled as healthy it doesn't mean the calories in that certain food all of a sudden don't count..

All calories add up, which means they all need to be accounted for. Especially fats which have more than twice the calories per gram when compared to protein and carbohydrates (protein and carbohydrates are 4 calories per gram and fat is 9 calories per gram). For this reason you should keep a close eye on the amount of fat you are consuming as even small increases in a portion size can easily add up and impact your fat loss.

In no particular order let's look at some common claims:

Claim 1) But they are healthy fats – 
This claim often relies on people thinking that because it is natural it must be good for you...this is absolutely not true. Did you know that many deadly poisons occur naturally, does that mean they are good for you?

Equally- just because something is processed it doesn't mean it is inherently bad for you. 
Too much of anything is a bad thing and the 'poison' is usually in the dose. 

So, yes, some fat in your diet is good but, no, a lot of fat is not good.

Claim 2) A high fat diet will make you burn more fat - 

This is technically true, eating a diet higher in fat will make you burn more fat.... That sounds great right?

"Woooo pass me the butter..."

Not so fast..here is the most important thing..

YOU HAVE EATEN MORE FAT thus it is no real surprise that you will burn more fat.

And here is the really, really important thing; burning more fat does not mean you will lose more body fat, you will simply use the dietary fat (not body fat) you have eaten as energy. 

Your body will use what you give it..

Eat high fat, you'll burn more fat, eat more carbs and you'll burn more carbs.

Your body will adapt to the energy (calories) given to it. 

Claim 3) Fat gives you more energy - 

Of course it does, as I said it is very calorie dense...

Calories = energy

That doesn't mean you should consume high amounts of fat before a workout for an energy boost!

When people talk about energy a lot of the time they think of some sort of 'spark' or 'buzz' which travels through them and makes them more alert (think caffeine) but that isnt what energy actually is

Quite simply, eating 500 calories will give you more 'energy' than eating 200 calories

10g of fat has 90kcals

10g of carbs has 40kcals

Hence fat has more energy (calories)

Claim 4) - High fat diets teach your body to burn fat

 again. There is some truth in this. If you eat a high fat diet your body will become more efficient at using fat for fuel because that is the energy you have given it (Remember this is dietary fat from your food and unless you're also in an calorie deficit will not come from body fat).

The same is true if you eat a high carbohydrate diet – your body will become better at using carbohydrates for fuel.

You see, your body is pretty amazing and will adapt to whatever you feed it.

Remember that high fat burning doesn't mean you're burning more body fat!

An example before I round this up..

I'm sure some of you have heard of bullet proof coffee?

For those of you who haven't.. it's the absurd action of putting butter or oil into your coffee.. yes you read that right (yes people actually do this)

The claims include:

- Increased fat burning (no shit you've just eaten a load of fat!)

- Increased energy (no shit you've just eaten a load of calories)

- Body fat loss (no shit- that would be so disgusting it would put me off my food too.

But seriously, you will not burn fat if you ADD bullet proof coffee to your diet, you will most likely put weight on due to eating/drinking an extra 400 calories from oil or butter – I know what I would rather eat.. literally anything else


Don’t get fooled by headlines telling to eat more fat to burn more fat.. if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is!

Some fat in your diet is great, but not in excess.

REMEMBER that when something says it burns more fat this DOES NOT mean it burns more body fat